Ashk Group of Companies Administrators,Governors and Staffing workers wishing you Happy and blessed Eid (Eid Mubarak) may Allah bless you, accept your deeds in Ramadan, lot the provision of Taqwa to assist us thru the months to come... have a joyful and enjoyable Eid with your family and friends;;;     
Ashk Group Of Companies

  1. Company Profile:
  1. Key Success Factors:  
  • Offering high quality of export  goods for our commercial parties
  • Capturing a big portion of the Canada’s and Australia’s dried fruit market
  • Offering competitive price for domestic and foreign markets
  • Capturing customer’s trust for the best quality and punctuality
  • Sustainable marketing strategy in Canadian and Australian markets
  • Not afraid of taking risk in export promotion measures and being adventuresome  
  • Trying new and modern methods of processing for local and international markets
  • Eager to take actively part in national and international exhibitions
  • Export quality and naturally drying methods through sun and air flow
  • Hiring skilled and qualified office personal and experienced skilled labor
  1. Business Objectives:
  • to convince the government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan by depicting our achievements and awards to invest in horticulture and export promotion sectors
  • to reach globally accepted methods of farming, gardening and processing for Afghanistan’s dried & fresh fruits and seeds 
  • to import modern machineries and use up to date techniques for processing fruits
  • to penetrate into global markets especially Canada, Australia and Europe markets, through good packaging and with high quality dried & fresh fruits and seeds 
  • capture a big portion of domestic markets for raisins by keeping the  price down
  • to offer higher quality of fresh and dried fruits to the market in hygienic conditions
  1. 4.    Management Team:
  1. 1.      Abdul Shukoor Kushkaky            Founder &Chairman
  2. 2.      Mrs. Karima Amiri                        Cofounder & Deputy Director
  3. 3.      Khaista Khan Jawad                      Admin & Quality Control Manager5.     
  4. 4.      Abdul Moqadas                               Logistic Officer in Kabul  
  5. 5.      Anwar Arian                                    Inventory & Finance Officer
  6. 6.      Bibi Fatema                                     Warehouse Manager
  7. 7. Abdul Bari                                        Warehouse Officer, Pul-e Charkhi
  8. 8. Haji Rustam                                     Regional Purchase Officer in the North
  9. 9. Rozi Khan                                         Purchase  Officer in Ghazni & Kandahar
  10. 10. Hayatullah                                       Logistics Officer in Ghazni
  11. 11. Rizwan Elyas                                   Advertising Officer
  12. 12. Lal Mohammad                               Security Officer
  13. 13.  13. Habibzada                                       Logistic & Accounting Manager
  14. 14.  14.Sear ahmad majboor                       IT officer 
  1. 1.      Haji Shafee                                       Mazar-e Sharif
  1. Akbar                                                Ghanzi Province      
  1. 1.      Mr. Khalid                                        Ashk. Co. Ltd
  1. Janes  Khan                                      Ashk. Co. Ltd
  1. 3.      Hassan Shahnawazi                        Ashk. Co. Ltd
  1. Dr. Rahim                                         Representative of Ashk. Co. Ltd
  1. 5.    Mission Statements:
  1. 6.    Products:
  • Green Raisins from Ghazni and Kandahar Provinces
  • Shondul Khani Raisinsfrom Kandahar Province
  • Red Raisins from Ghanzni
  • Pistachios from Takhar and Heart Provinces
  • Mulberries from Northern Provinces
  • Prunes from Ghazni and Shamali
  • Pine Nuts from Urgun District and Laghman Province
  • Dried Apricots from Northern Provinces
  • Walnuts from Northern and North-Eastern Provinces
  • Grapes from Kandahar and Ghazni Provinces
  • Melons From Kunduz and Baghlan Provinces
  • Pomegranates from Kandahar Province
  • Mungbeans from Kunduz, Takhar and Baghlan  Provinces
  1. 7.    Processing Methods:
  1. a.      Gardening, Producing and Drying Methods of Raisins:
  • Gardening Methods: In November, when the leaves fall down from the grape vines, the gardeners cut the branches of the vines to protect the vines from freezing in the winter. To protect the vines against the cold, prior to the coming of winter, the vines are completely hidden under the soil. They are so professionally hidden, that even man cannot see a single branch of them on the earth. After passing the winter, in the month March, the gardeners take the soil from the vines off and the vineyards are ploughed with shovel and meanwhile they fertilize the vines. Then, until the ripening of the grapes, they irrigate the vineyards regularly.
  • Processing Method of Red Raisins:
  • Green Shondul Khani Raisins’ Processing Method:
  1. 8.    Industry Analysis:

  • Keshmeshi grapes which are highly demanded grapes throughout the world. This product of Ashk.Co.Ltd is sourced from Kandahar and Ghazni provinces.
  • Black grapes which is dominantly monopolized by Sangcharak’s market, in Sar-e Pol province. They are the most nutritious and expensive grapes in the country. 
  • Hossaini Grapes; although, they are delicate, juicy and highly nutritious, but the demand for them is not increasing noticeably. 
  1. 9.     Market Estimation:
  1. 10.                         Strategy:
  • Advertising on TVs, Radios, and as well in newspapers and magazines in Afghanistan and possibly in our counterpart countries; besides issuing brochures and business cards, it is a domestic strategy to capture a significant portion of the domestic market.
  • Developing of our website; this operation targets especially foreign market and those who are involved in trading via internet.
  • Convincing and increasing the Afghan contractor’s number for major domestic markets such as Kandahar, Mazar-e Sharif, Kuduz, Takhar and Kabul provinces.
  • Participating at National Agro Products Exhibition in Badam Bagh, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Participating at  Afghan – Turk International Agro Products Exhibition in Sitara-e Shahr Hall, from April 2- 4, 2012 in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Participation at Pragatti Maidan International Exhibition from Nov 14 - 27 in New Delhi, India.
  • Participation at Belgium International Exhibition in November, Brussels, Belgium.
  • Participation at Turkey Agro and Food Exhibition  in August, Istanbul, Turkey
  • Participation at Spring Shopping Fair at Holiday Inn Palace, Olayyah, Riqdh From 14th – 23rd March, 2012 (10 days), Saudi Arabia
  • Participation at Taif Shopping Festival 33 from 7th June, 2012 (85 days), Saudi Arabia
  • Participation at King Fahad Garden Festival from 7th June, 2012 40 days) in Taif, Saudi Arabia
  • Participation Ramadhan Shopping Fair from 3rd – 17th August, 2012 (15 days) at  Jeddah Expo, Saudi Arabia
  • In additional to Shipment of our different products to other countries, we plan to export 100MT Pomegranates to Australia, 100 MT to Ukraine and 100 MT to India.  We have already prepared the standard packaging material and found market for pomegranates in the mentioned countries.
  • We have also marketed for Shamali Red Raisins in Poland and Holland respectively by our representatives in Europe and are bound to sign contracts for shipment of these raisins at the very near future.
  • Recently, we have applied for Membership of INC international Nut & Dried Fruit Council Foundation which is approved by them and now Ashk. Co. Ltd is an active Member of INC. One of the outstanding plans of Ashk. Co. Ltd for this year was to get the membership of INC to ensure global quality standards and trading terms within the framework of existing national and international private sector and governmental institutions.
Currency Rates
Last Updated: 08-09-2015
Sign Currency Buying Selling
$ USD 63.91 63.95
Rs RUP 0.611 0.615
� EURO 71.31 71.35
TRL 21.61 21.65
£ UK POUND 96.91 96.95
$ $&RUP 104.51 104.55
$ AUSTRALIA $ /AF 43.81 43.85
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